I’m Filip and I am a generalist game developer and programmer, from Bosnia & Hercegovina, currently based in Denmark.

I’ve dissasembled, tinkered and broke things since I saw my dad fix his carpentry machines, when I could barely walk. No force could glue me away from our first computer that my older brother bought circa 2001 (there were many pranks and fights with my brothers over it).

I’ve explored software and game tools since childhood, learning Photoshop, making levels and mods in Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and other games. Circa 2010, I switched to Source Engine, and later UDK/Unreal Engine 3, where I first started learning level scripting and cinematic tools.

In 2016 I moved to study software engineering at VIA University Horsens in Denmark, where I learned programming and was introduced to game development in Unity and C#.

In 2018 I specialized in VR and AR courses in Viborg, Denmark, where I learned more in-depth theory and practise on programming and UX for different hardware platforms and collaborated students and teachers at The Animation Workshop.

During my studies, I was hired by a vocational school in Horsens to develop CNC and electrician VR simulators to improve the schools corriculum.

After finishing VIA University in 2020, three of my colleagues and I founded PieLab, a XR company. Where I took on the main technical problem solving roles. From system architecture design and technology implementation, to technical art.